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Welcome to Infosign
Infosign Technologies Private Limited is a software company focused on commodity and capital markets. The company touched down the IT space in 2001 out of the deep understanding of, and passionate love for, technology by a group of IT professionals working in the capital markets. In the last decade, Infosign has pioneered efforts at making capital market operations easy and customer-friendly by developing software for stock traders. Infosign has introduced innovative ways to make its presence in the market. A unique on-demand model, where the software is centrally deployed and maintained by the company at its data center and members accessing it through the Internet, has helped the company spread its clientele. Infosign’s back office suite supports all exchanges in India and its segments in capital and commodity markets and depositories also. In the international markets it supports the Dubai exchange DGCX. With a highly motivated research team with strong roots in the vertical, Microsign is exploring, designing and implementing new technology products that will help its clients outperform competition.
  • Capital Mkt & Depository Solution
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Gst Integration Service
  • Mobile App Development
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 Accounting software available in Cloud model. It is centrally hosted at the data center and made avaliable through the internet.
An ideal resource planner, includes much more than accounting functions viz. marketing, CRM, communication, digital singing, HR etc. we provide innovative, best in class consulting IT, services and support to our customers.

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Why Infosign?
  • More than a decades experience in IT
  • Customers from various industry
  • Professional and quality service
  • On-Line Accounting Software
  • Backbone of many big Intermediaries
Why iLedger?
  • Exclusively for financial markets
  • On-line Cloud Accounting Software
  • Cost saving in IT Infrastructure
  • Multi Currency/User features
  • All the customers on Growth track